Bail Bonds in Wyoming

Why Choose Me

Aside from bail bonds, I offer a variety of other services. Take a peak at how I could possibly be off assistance to you.

Surety Bonds

My standard Surety Bail Bonds service is sure to be superlative to that of which you may find anywhere else in Wyoming. 


Cash Bond Fiduciary

Typically bail bondsman are unable to produce cash bonds. However, if you live out of state or out of town, I may be able to act as your fiduciary and provide my cash bond services so that you your cash bond will make it to the Court safely and securely.

Pretrial Monitoring

I offer mobile GPS, Alcohol and Drug patch pretrial monitoring.  I work with the Wyoming Pretrial Services program in order to ensure the Court compliance of court ordered bond conditions or sentencing. 

Pretrial Services

Process Serving

I offer process serving in Wyoming as a service to attorneys and the community. 

Private Investigation

I offer my service as a private investigator in Wyoming to attorneys and civilians. I have over two decades of experience involving investigations, law enforcement, and justice. 

Fugitive Recovery

I offer my service as a fugitive recovery agent in Wyoming.  If you are a bail bondsman who needs the assistance of a bail agents arrest in Wyoming, give me a call to help locate your fugitive. 

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