Bail Bonds in Wyoming

  • Here is where you apply to be an indemnitor to a defendant on bond, and are agreeing to be liable for the full amount of the bond if the defendant fails to appear or the bond becomes forfeited. 
  • You are opening a line of credit, in the form of "surety bond", with the Producer, and their Surety (insurance), and will pay a non-refundable fee (premium) for the surety bond.
  • As an indemnitor, an application is required in order to determine your solvency (or your ability to repay any forfeiture in default) .  Some bonds may require indemnitor collateral, but most do not.  The indemnitor is liable for any loss occasioned from the writing of the surety bond such as failing to appear and forfeiture.
  • This does not affect your credit, as we only conduct "soft pulls", and verify employment, income, checking, assets, and other liabilities. 


  1. Click continue at the bottom of the page.
  2. Complete the application and all required input and signature fields, then click "finish" and "tap to sign".
  3. Verify your email from the link that is sent after you sign. 
  4. Call to speak with an Agent.